Antigen Kit

S.N. Parameter Specification
  Name of the manufacturer
  Country of origin
1 IVD Method Lateral Flow, immunochromatography based qualitative detection (visual Reading of bands without the aid of any devices)
2 Sample Oropharyngeal swab/Nasopharyngeal swab/Nasal Swab
3 Target SARS COV-2 Specific Antigen
4 Sensitivity Above 80%
5 Specificity 95% of above
6 Time Whole process time of testing (The antigen extraction as well as run time) should not exceed 30 minutes
7 Additional Supplies At least one swab stick for sample collection

Reagents and all consumables required for test

8 Storage Temperature All of the supplies should have storage temperature between 2-300 C
9 Remaining Self-life  At least 6 months at the time of acceptance of goods
10 Certification US FDA or USFDA (EUA) or WHO EULor EU-CE