Constitutional Provisions on Foreign Policy

Constitutional Provisions on Foreign Policy

The Part-4 (Directive Principles, Policies and Obligations of the State) of the Constitution of Nepal, 2015 outlines the cardinal principles, parameters, and general directions of Nepal’s foreign policy. These are:

Directive Principles

  1. The State shall direct its international relations towards enhancing the dignity of the nation in the world community by maintaining international relations on the basis of sovereign equality, while safeguarding the freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence and national interest of Nepal. {Clause 50.4}

State Policy:

The State shall pursue the following policies relating to international relations:

  1. To conduct an independent foreign policy based on the Charter of the United Nations, non-alignment, principles of Panchsheel, international law and the norms of world peace, taking into consideration of the overall interest of the nation, while remaining active in safeguarding the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and national interest of Nepal,
  2. To review treaties concluded in the past, and make treaties, agreements based on equality and mutual interest. {Clause 51 (m 1 and 2)}