Dead body repatriation to Nepal

In case of death of Nepali national, the Embassy issues a “No Objection Letter” to facilitate the repatriation of dead body or any other human remains to Nepal. To obtain such a letter, the Embassy could be approached with following documents and their copies through licensed/registered funeral shipping companies:

  1. Passport of the deceased (for cancellation);
  2. Death certificate of the deceased;
  3. Copy of detailed police report in case of unnatural and accidental death;
  4. Burial Transit Permit;
  5. A certificate from the local health authority stating that the deceased did not die of a quarantinable disease;
  6. Online application from next of kin of the deceased through Department of Consular Services of Nepal. Apply here ( Or, authorization letter from the next of kin of the deceased through the local governments.


Free of Cost

Application Procedure:

Applicant should submit the request to the Embassy by post mail.

Application Processing Time:

3/4 Business days.