Guidelines for Trekking and Mountaineering

To limit the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, foreign citizens coming to Nepal for trekking and mountaineering have been issued the following standards as set by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation:

Foreign Tourists visiting Nepal for mountaineering and trekking must have obtained a Nepali visa prior to arriving in Nepal.

Foreign tourists and groups unable to obtain a Nepali visa due to a lack of availability in their respective countries can come to Nepal with prior approval in coordination with the travel or trekking agency based in Nepal. Recommendations submitted by the concerned agency for their prior approval will be made to the Department of Tourism for mountaineering tourists, and to the Department of Immigration, through the Nepal Tourism Board, for trekking tourism, after which the concerned agency will be informed of the recommendation.

Based on Section 1, the Department of Immigration will make arrangements to provide the recommended tourist with visas upon their arrival at the concerned immigration points in Nepal.

All foreign citizens entering Nepal are required to submit the following documents at the relevant immigration point:

  • Evidence of a negative Corona PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, taken a maximum of 72 hours before you board a plane.
  • A visa or a previously issued recommendation document confirming the Government’s approval to enter Nepal.
  • Documents confirming the traveler’s booking at a hotel in Nepal for their 7 day quarantine period.
  • Insurance of at least 5 thousand US Dollars ($5000) per person for Corona related purposes.

Upon entering Nepal, all foreign tourists are required to uphold a 7 day quarantine period at a hotel in Nepal.

Foreign tourists in quarantine will then be required to take a PCR test, at their own cost, on the 5th day of the 7-day quarantine period. A negative test result will allow travelers to continue on their trekking and mountaineering expeditions.

If the PCR test is, nevertheless, positive, based on Section 3, the foreign tourist will then be required to uphold their quarantines at their hotels until a confirmation of a negative PCR test.

Prior to obtaining a trekking and mountaineering permit, a Coronavirus Insurance of at least Rs. One lakh is required for Nepali members accompanying the trekking group.

While mountaineering or trekking in Nepal, all travelers are required to follow the health related standards approved by the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal.

Other conditions, standards, and arrangements required to be followed by travelers shall be based on the updates published from time to time by the Department of Tourism. All concerned agencies are required to inform all travelers regarding these updates prior to their trekking or mountaineering expeditions.

(This Guidelines shall come into force from October 17, 2020)