Infrared Thermometer

S.N. Purchaser’s Specifications
  Name of Bidder
  Non Touch Infrared Sensor Thermometer
Country of Origin
1 Requirements
– Purpose: Non-contact temperature sensing of human body, ideal for individual screening

– Infrared sensor reads temperature approx 4-6 cm from the center of forehead-Should have option for temperature display in both ℃ and 0F

– Measurement Range: At least measure 89.60F to 109.40F(32℃ -43℃)

– Accuracy: not less than ±0.2℃

-Should have alarm setting for high temperature

– Display type: LCD with backlight

– Response Time: Not more than 5 Seconds, with beep

– Power Supply: 3 Volt DC (battery operated)

– Accessories: extra battery 1 pair

-CE/USFDA certificate should be submitted

– Warranty: minimum 2 years