NRN ID Form 2

Relating to Regulation 3(1)
Registration Application form for Non- Resident Nepali
For the use of Nepali Citizens Residing Abroad

Chief of the Mission

Embassy of Nepal, Washington DC

I, the undersigned, hereby apply to register my name as well as to obtain NRN ID card as a Non Resident Nepali, Pursuant to clause 3(1) of Non Resident Nepali Act 2064 and 3(1) of Non Resident Nepali Regulations 2066.

1. Personal Details
Full Name:
Date of Birth: MM/DD/YY
Permanent address in Nepal:
Name of father OR mother and address:
    Particulars of citizenship certificate:
Citizenship No:
place of issue:
Date of issue: MM/DD/YY
Issuing authority:
    Particulars of passport
Passport No:
Date of issue: MM/DD/YY
Date of expiry: MM/DD/YY
Issuing authority:
2. Details in the country of Residence
Name and address:
Date of residence: MM/DD/YY
    Contact Information (Telephone & email):-
Home :
Work :
Email :
3 Business Details:-
Name of business:
Name of Company/Organization:
Country and Address where business is registered:
Average annual turnover (in US dollars):
4.Employment Details:-
Name of organization:
Country and place:
Date of employment & duration of contact:
Annual remuneration:
5.Area of knowledge/skill/experience gained abroad
6. Investment Details
Area of interest to invest in Nepal:
    If investment is already made:
Name of Project:
Total investment:
Average annual turnover :
Total employment generated:
Registration date: MM/DD/YY
I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.
Signature :
Date : MM/DD/YY
Declaration of parents for applying for minors (under 18 years) to be signed by both parents (to be notarized when sent by mail).
I/we hereby confirm that the particulars given in the above application with regard to my/our son/daughteris true. I/we undertake the entire responsibility for his/her expenses.
Name Signature
( Father )
( Mother )
To be filled by the Embassy
Date of issue
List of Documents Attached (please indicate the document/s attached)
1.   Copy of Citizenship certificate of the country of residence
2. Proof of Nepalese citizenship renouncement
3. Copy of parents or grandparents’ citizenship if they are citizen of Nepal
4. Documents showing proof of business, occupation or employment
5. Three copies of passport size recent photographs