Objective of Foreign Policy

The fundamental objective of the foreign policy is to enhance the dignity of Nepal in the international arena by maintaining the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the country. Futheremore, its objectives are enumerated as follows:

  • To conduct Nepal’s foreign relations in consonance with the policies and guidelines of Government of Nepal,
  • To project and protect Nepal’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national interest abroad,
  • To promote bilateral, regional and multilateral relations for the socio economic development of the country,
  • To promote friendly relations with all the countries of the world and particularly with its immediate neighbors, on the basis of sovereign equality, mutual respect, trust, goodwill and understanding,
  • To play an active role in the United Nations and other international organizations in order to promote international peace and security, and development,
  • To play a positive and meaningful role in the Nonaligned Movement in the context of a changed world.
  • To play an active role in the promotion of regional cooperation in South Asia under the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation,
  • To act as the country’s a first point of contact for the outside world and also serve as Nepal’s window to the world.
  • To play an increasingly active role in the conduct of Nepal’s economic diplomacy, thereby promoting our trade, investment, economic cooperation, tourism, and help tap and develop our  immense water resources potential.