Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (Click Here for Nepali)

Before submitting your application in-person, you must first submit your details Here and continue below for the application.

We will return back your application if we do not receive your details.


Required Documents:

  1. A joint application from both parties (drafted by a certified lawyer)
  2. Two copies of Power of Attorney prepared in the format as prescribed by law, mentioning the name and license number of the lawyer who prepared the document and accompanied by the name, details and signatures of two witnesses
  3. Attested copies of citizenship certificates of both the parties
  4. Citizenship certificate of the applicant
  5. Other relevant attested documents (Property ownership certificate, marriage certificate etc.)
  6. Photographs of both the parties
  7. Fees: US Dollars 25/- Money order

Note: Cash, personal cheque and credit card are not acceptable.

The Embassy certifies Power of Attorney of Nepali nationals. The concerned applicant must present in person to the Embassy after seeking an appointment for the same purpose.

Make an appoint after preparing all above documents to +1 202 667 4550 (Ext: 106)