Technical Specification of ICU Bed with Mattress

S.N. Purchaser’s Specification
  ICU Bed with Mattress
Name of Bidder
Country of Origin
1 Description of Function
1.1 ICU Beds are required in the Intensive Care for comfort of the patient and to facilitate comfortable transfer to and from emergency/OT/Wards etc. It is also required to carry out point of care procedures including radiological procedures at the bedside.
2 Operational Requirements
2.1 The system must b electrically operated five function and adjustable height and tilt. It must also have option for a radio translucent top for carrying out X-Ray at the Bedside.
3 System Configuration
3.1 Electrically operated Four section high pressure laminate board bed platform ICU bed with mattress and pillow
4 Technical Specifications
4.1 The bed must have an open-architecture design for quick and easy cleaning, helping to reduce the risk of infection.
4.2 Must have retracting side rails to prevent patient entrapment and falls.
4.3 Must have zero gaps for safe and easy patient transfers.
4.4 Must have trend and reverse trend for emergency situations and comfort.
4.5 Must have actuator control for movement with hand control (remote control) and Side rail embedded patient control.
4.6 Must have back rest rising 0 to 75̊
4.7 Must have knee rising from 0 to 45 ̊.
4.8 The under bed clearance approx 5.5”.
4.9 Must have Trendelenburg 0 to 15 ̊ and reverseTrendelenburg0 to 15 ̊.
4.10 Must have an gle indicator on side rail for trend and reversetrend.
4.11 Must have central Brakes system accessible from all four corners of the bed.
4.12 Must have dual sides Manual CPR and electric CPR.
4.13 Shall have X-ray translucent backrest with cassette holder
4.14 Shall have Nurse control pendent at foot board.
4.15 Shall have Auto regress backrest and Auto-contour adjustment facility.
4.16 Must have One step head board removal for rapid access to the patient’s head
4.17 Four corners crash bumper, Pull-out linen shelf, One handed release split side rail and Total lock castors.
4.18 Must have 4 positions IV Pole holder
4.19 Must have battery backup facility for electric functionality.
4.20 Must have IPX 4 protection and Ground line protection.
4.21 It must have hook on bed frame on both sides for holding urine/

drainage bag (at least 4 nos.)

4.22 Dimensions of bed:

·         Overall Length: Approx 220cm

·         Overall Width: Approx 105cm

·         Auto regress on backrest: Approx 10cm

·         Auto regress on leg: Approx 10 cm

4.23 Height: Approx.40 – 80cm
4.24 The working load capacity of unit should be at least 250Kg.
4.25 Mattress:

·         Shall provide with one, four section mattress of suitable dimensions with washable cover of good quality. The mattress must be made of high density PU foam of 12cm thickness with Anti-Microbial agent incorporated into all components.

·         Mattress must be fully radiolucent for ease in performing X-rays


Pillow: Shall provide suitable pillow with washable cover of good quality

5 Accessories, spares and consumables
5.1 All standard accessories, consumables and parts required to operate the equipment, including all standard tools and cleaning and lubrication materials, to be included in the offer. Bidders must specify the quantity of every item included in their offer (including items not specified above).
6 Operating Environment
6.1 The system offered shall be designed to be stored and to operate normally under the conditions of the purchaser’s country. The conditions include Power Supply, Climate, Temperature, Humidity, etc.
6.2 Power supply: 110 – 230V AC, 50Hz, 60VA fitted with appropriate plug type. The power cable must be at least 3 meter in length
7 Standards and Safety Requirements
7.1 Must submit ISO13485:2003/AC:2007 for Medical Devices AND
7.2 CE (93/42 EEC Directives) or USFDA approved product certificate
 8 User Training
8.1 User and maintenance training should be provided to the hospital personnel at the time of installation
   9   Warranty
   9.1   Comprehensive warranty for 2 year after acceptance.
  10   Maintenance Service During Warranty Period
  10.1   Standard warranty conditions are applicable.
  11   Installation and Commissioning
  11.1   Must supply preassembled unit, ready to use.
  12   Documentation
  12.1 User / instruction manual shall be provided in English.