Visa: Frequently Asked Questions

Tourist Visa

A. Visa application process

1. How can I apply for a tourist visa to Nepal from the Embassy?

Due to COVID-19 situation you will have to apply for visa by mail only. Applicants are requested to first fill the “Submit Your Details” form to register their application. This will enable applicants to track their application status.

Then after, applicants should fill up an “Online Visa Application Form”.

2. What are the documents required to obtain a tourist visa from the Embassy?

Applicants are required to submit the following documents in order to obtain a tourist visa from the Embassy:

• Passport (with minimum validity for six months)
• Visa Fee (Money order addressed in the name of “Embassy of Nepal, Washington, D.C.”)
Sample of Money Order (insert)
• Copy of an online visa application confirmation page
Sample of confirmation page (insert)
• Prepaid return envelope with a tracking number

3. What are the tourist visa fees?

Tourist visa fees are as mentioned below:

• 15 days multiple entry visa – $30
• 30 days multiple entry visa – $50
• 90 days multiple entry visa – $125
(Note: Children below 10 years are exempted from the visa fee. But this doesn’t apply for the US citizens.)

4. I filled in all the details and uploaded the required images during the online application process, but it is taking too long to submit my application. The system is not letting me to submit my application? May I know why this is happening?

If you are facing this problem, you are kindly requested to upload the images of your passport and photograph with lower resolution/dpi (in KB, not in MB).

5. What do I choose in the field ‘Select Embassy/Consulate/Mission’?

Applicants are requested to choose “Embassy of Nepal, Washington DC” in the field ‘Select Embassy/Consulate/Mission’. The Embassy has noticed large number of applicants having errors in this field. Therefore, applicants are requested to be careful at this step.

6. I have applied for a tourist visa. How can I know the status of my application?

If you filled out your application details on “Submit Your Details” during the application process, you will be able to check your application status by clicking on “Check Your Application Status” on the Embassy website.

7. How long does the Embassy take to approve my visa?

The Embassy normally takes at least 4-5 working days to approve your visa. However, due to COVID-19 situation it may take more days to process applications. Sometimes, visa couldn’t be issued due to incomplete application or other reasons. So you are strongly advised to book your flight only after the visa is issued.

8. What are the payment methods for visa fee?

As a visa fee, the Embassy accepts only money order or cashier’s check with at least one year’s validity.

9. Whom should the money order or cashier’s check be addressed to?

The money order or cashier’s check should be addressed to the “Embassy of Nepal, Washington, D.C. with full name and address of the applicant written on it.

10. Does Embassy accept the personal check or cash for visa?

No, the Embassy doesn’t accept cash, personal check, credit card, debit card or online transfer for visa fee.

B. Visa Regulations in the context of COVID-19

11. Do I need to fill up any form if I’m going to apply for a visa upon arrival at the entry ports of Nepal?

Those who are eligible for a visa upon arrival (please check the Embassy’s COVID-19 Consular Notice on its website for the eligibility) are requested to submit online visa application by visiting the website of the Department of Immigration, Nepal ( and keep a printed copy of the online visa application confirmation page with them, in order to avoid delay and inconvenience while applying visa upon arrival.

12. I am a US passport holder having place of birth as ‘Nepal’. However, my child is born in the US. Can I obtain visa upon arrival for my child? Do I need to obtain prior visa from the Embassy for my child?

As per the latest immigration notice of the Department of Immigration of Nepal, foreign passport holders having place of birth mentioned as ‘Nepal’ in their passport, and their relatives are eligible to obtain visa upon-arrival at the entry ports of Nepal. Therefore, applicants are requested to carry documents that prove their relationship, such as parents, child, husband and wife. However, it is always safe to travel with a visa issued beforehand.

13. Is COVID-19 test still mandatory for traveling to Nepal?

Yes, COVID-19 tests is mandatory prior traveling to Nepal.

14. What are the tests to be done for COVID-19 to travel to Nepal?

All travelers must have COVID-19 PCR (RT-PCR/Gene Xpert/True NAAT or equivalent) test results issued within 72 hours before embarking on a flight to Nepal.

15. Are children below 5 years exempted from the COVID-19 test?

Yes, they are exempted from submitting such a report if their parents have been tested negative for COVID-19 PCR.

16. Do all the travelers need PCR test done 72 hrs before the travel? Even if they are already vaccinated?

No, as per the notice published by the Department of Immigration on 10 March 2022, fully vaccinated (two weeks after the second dose) travelers do not need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test report. Only those travelers who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated must obtain COVID-19 PCR test negative report prior traveling to Nepal.

17. Do I need to be in quarantine upon arrival in Nepal?

Yes, all travelers to Nepal must follow the health and safety related protocols of the Government of Nepal, including a minimum 10 day quarantine from the date of entering Nepal or from the day of coming in contact with a COVID-19 infected individual and minimum 10 day mandatory isolation after having been tested positive for the infection.

18. Does the 72 hr requirement means I need to take flight within 72 hrs of my swab collection time for the test or the total time within which one has to reach to Nepal from the time of swab collection?

Travelers must have COVID-19 PCR test results issued within 72 hours prior to their departure from the first port of embarkation. However, since the airlines may have their own PCR report and other requirements, before going to the airport, inquire and make sure that you have fulfilled all their requirements.

C. International Traveler Arrival Form (CCMC Form)

19. Do I still need to fill up the CCMC form (International Traveler Form) and carry the print or digital copy of the form submission receipt or barcode before traveling to Nepal?

All travelers, before traveling to Nepal, should mandatorily fill up ‘International Travelers Form’ by visiting the CCMC web link ( and carry with them a print or digital copy of the submission receipt with a barcode.