The Embassy of Nepal, Washington, D.C. started e-Passport services on March 28, 2022. This requires Nepali nationals to be physically present at the Embassy for live enrolment. Applications by mail will no longer be accepted.

Please start booking your appointment ahead of time before the expiry date. Expired passports can still be renewed but please plan your appointment ahead of your travels. Last-minute requests to accommodate appointments or walk-ins will not be entertained. Please keep in mind that it takes atleast 1 month for renewal. In case you have an emergency, you can apply for a travel document that can be processed in less than a week. 

(Note: Applicants without prior appointment will not be able to submit their application at the Embassy. The date and time slot of the appointment for the Embassy visit should be selected while filling up the online application form. No separate email or telephone call for an appointment is needed. )

We can only offer appointment slots within our current capacity to ensure quality service delivery. Therefore, we kindly ask you to plan your appointments and travel plans well in advance. Please note that you can apply for renewal of your passport once you have less than a year of validity in your current passport.

Please read carefully the instructions: Instructions for filling up the online application for e-Passport.

Before you start to fill out the online application form below, 

  • You should first change the time zone of your computer/device into ‘Kathmandu’ time. 
  • Get ready the scanned copies (soft copies) of the following documents in your computer. You have to complete your online application within 15 minutes, otherwise application session will be expired, and you need to start afresh. 
  1. Front page of citizenship
  2. Back page of citizenship
  3. Previous passport’s personal data page (Page 2 and Page 3)
  4. Previous passport’ s back page (Page 30 and Page 31)

For Minors:

  1. Minor Identity Certificate
  2. Previous passport’s personal data page (Page 2 and Page 3)
  3. Previous passport’ s back page (Page 30 and Page 31)
  4. Parents’ citizenship certificates
  5. Parents’ marriage registration certificate


  • The process for passport renewal at the embassy involves three steps:- Initial Check-in at the front desk, document verification at the third secretary’s office, and the final step of providing biometric data and having your photograph taken. Following this, you will proceed with payment of fees and, if desired, you may leave a prepaid return envelope for us to mail your new passport to you.
  • Additionally, please be aware that the staff lunch break is from 1-2 pm. To meet the increased demand for appointment slots, we have recently begun offering appointments during this time frame. Appointments scheduled for 1-2 pm will be honored starting from 2 pm onwards.

Applicants must bring a printed copy of their completed application form to the embassy. Please refer to the attachment below:

Applicants have to bring the following documents and items while coming to the Embassy in person:

For Renewal 

  1. Printed application form (with barcode)
  2. Original passport
  3. Original Nepali citizenship card and its copy
  4. Self-addressed prepaid return envelope with tracking number. (Not required for Self Pickup)

Note: Applicants above 16 years without citizenship certificate due to not being able to travel to Nepal to obtain such certificate can apply for passport renewal with validity of 2 years. Such applicants should submit a minor certificate or a birth certificate in place of citizenship certificate. Likewise, such applicant has to provide an affidavit stating that s/he has not obtained a foreign citizenship or has not applied for a foreign citizenship. Rest of the requirement remains the same as above.

For Replacement (in case of lost/stolen/damaged)

  1. Printed application form (with barcode)
  2. Photocopy of lost/stolen/damaged passport
  3. Original Nepali citizenship card and a photocopy
  4. Self-addressed prepaid return envelope with tracking number (Not required for self-pickup)

For Minor/New Born

  1. Printed application form (with barcode)
  2. Minor Identity Card issued from the District/Area Administration Offices in Nepal or birth certificate (In case of foreign-born).
  3. Original Passport
  4. The current immigration status of both parents
  5. The citizenship certificate of both parents
  6. Copy of marriage certificate of parents
  7. Self-addressed prepaid return envelope with tracking number (Not required for Self Pickup)


Services Payment by Cashier’s check/money order Payment by Debit Card

surcharge (2% of fee+25 cents)

Payment by Credit Card

surcharge (3% of fee)

Passport 34 Pages $150.00 $153.00 $150 + 3%
Minor’s Passport $75.00 $76.75 $75 + 3%
Passport Lost/Damaged $300.00 $306.00 $300 + 3%
Passport Lost/Damaged (Minor) $150.00 $153.00 $150 + 3%

(Please write “Embassy of Nepal, Washington, D.C.” on your money order or cashier’s check, otherwise, your application will not be processed) SAMPLE.

Payments will be processed at the embassy. We accept various payment methods, including money orders, debit cards, and credit cards.

Notice (For Biometrics Appointment): Please be advised that makeup, jewelry, loose hair, tikka, and bindi are not permitted during the photo-taking session. Please make sure to come prepared accordingly.

Application processing time

4-6 weeks after your biometric appointment. We are unable to track your application until it is returned to us from Kathmandu. Please monitor your email for updates from the office in Nepal.

Delivery of New Passport

Once you receive an email notifying you that your passport is ready in Kathmandu, it will be forwarded to our embassy in Washington DC. You may retrieve it from us two weeks after receiving this notification. Once the Embassy has obtained your new passport from the Department of Passport, you are welcome to come and collect it directly from the embassy. Alternatively, if you prefer to have it mailed to you, simply provide us with a prepaid envelope during your biometrics appointment. We will dispatch your passport as soon as we receive it from Kathmandu.

If you have any particular inquiries, please feel free to contact us via email or directly reach out to our consular staff by phone. You can locate their contact details under the “Contacts” section on our website. The website and email would be the most efficient means for sharing information.

Additional information on e-passports can also be found on the website of the Department of Passports, Kathmandu – https://nepalpassport.gov.np/

If you are applying from New York:

Consulate General of Nepal in New York:
228 East 45th Street, 4th Floor (Suite 400)
New York, NY-10017
Email:  cgnnewyork@mofa.gov.np
Fax: 917 675 6779
Phone: 917 675 6783
Working hours:  Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Consular Service: 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM