Power Of Attorney (PoA)

Before submitting your application in-person, you must first submit your details HERE and continue below for the application. 

      FAQ (बारम्बार सोधिने प्रश्नहरु)

The Embassy attests Power of Attorney (POA) of Nepali nationals, Foreign Nationals of Nepali Origin and other foreign nationals to execute legal transactions/deeds such as selling of land, transfer of ownerships, divorce, etc. The applicant must be present in person at the Embassy after scheduling an appointment by filling up the form below. Applicants should plan their visit to the Embassy after receiving an email confirming their appointment date and time. It normally takes 4 to 5 business days to schedule an appointment.

Required Documents:

  1. For Nepali nationals and foreign nationals of Nepali origin (Non-Resident Nepali-NRN), 2 copies of POA document in traditional Nepali paper (Nepali kagaj) duly prepared by a registered lawyer in Nepal. For other foreign nationals, the Embassy does not prescribe any specific format or paper for POA and could be as per applicant’s requirements.
  2. An application addressed to the Head of the Mission by the POA giver (Principal).
  3. Original and copies of Citizenship Certificate and Passport of the POA giver (Principal) and a copy of Citizenship Certificate of the POA receiver (Attorney).
  4. Recently taken two passport size photographs of both POA giver (Principal) and POA receiver (Attorney).
  5. For Nepali nationals, original Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and its copy or the document showing visa status of the POA giver (Principal) and its copy. In case of foreign nationals of Nepali­ origin (NRN), original and a copy of NRN ID Card. Eligible applicant may apply for NRN ID Card during the process.
  6. Money order or Cashier’s Cheque of US Dollars 200/-. Please write “Embassy of Nepal, Washington, D.C.” on your money order or cashier’s check, otherwise your application will not be processed” SAMPLE.
  7. In case of foreign nationals, they should first get the POA certified/attested by the US State Department/Authorities. Only after that the Embassy will attest the POA for such categories of applicants. Certification/attestation of document is done at the office of the Secretary of State where the applicant resides. However, there is no need for POA to be certified/attested for foreign nationals holding NRN card.

Additional Documents required as per the purpose/nature of the POA

For Selling Land:

  • Copy of Land Ownership Certificate (lalpurja)
  • Copy of the receipt of the land revenue (tiro tireko rasid) paid for the land

For Divorce

  • Original marriage certificate and its copy

For Vehicle Ownership/ Business/Company Ownership Transfer

  • Original Vehicle Ownership/ Business/Company Ownership certificate
  • Other relevant documents (Relationship Certificate, Vehicle Bill Book and Tax Certificate, Company Registration and Tax Certificate etc.).

Note: POA giver (Principal) must be present in person with his/her passport at the Embassy to sign the deed before the Head of the Mission.

All copies of documents should be self-attested and signed with date by the respective holder of the documents.

 For any query regarding POA, please contact at consular@nepalembassyusa.org