Public Holidays

Sunday through Friday is the work week, with Saturday the weekly day off. Most offices are open Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Friday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. In winter, for three months (Mansir, Poush and Magh, or approximately 15th November to 14th March), hours are reduced by one hour every day but Friday.
The government announces other holidays often reserved for specific religions or regions. The calendar and official documents are based in Nepali B.S.

For most private sector organizations, Saturday is a weekly day off. However, this may vary according to the nature and type of services. For 24-hour industries such as hospitals, service industries, boilers, etc., holidays are covered by their own rule and regulations.


List of Public Holidays of Nepal in 2072/73 (2016)

Date Day Holiday
15 Jan Fri Maghi Parwa / Maghe Sankranti
30 Jan Sat Martyr’s Memorial Day
9 Feb Tue Sonam Losar (Tamang New Year)
19 Feb Fri National Democracy Day
7 Mar Mon Mahashivaratri
8 Mar Tue International Women’s Day
9 Mar Wed Ghyalpo Losar (Kathmandu Only)
13 Apr Wed Nepali New Year 2073
15 Apr Fri Ram Nawami
23 Apr Sat Loktantra Diwas (Democracy Day)
1 May Sun International Workers Day
May Sat Buddha Jayanti (Bhudda Day) & Ubhauli Festival
28 May Sat Republic Day
7 Jul Thu Ramjan Edul Fikra
18 Aug Thu Janai Purnima / Rakshya Bandhan
25 Aug Thu Shree Krishna Janmasthami / Gaura Parba
20 Sep Mon Sambidhan Diwas (New Constitution Day)
1 Oct Tue Ghatasthapana, Dashain Festival
8 Oct Sat Fulpati, Dashain Festival
9 Oct Sun Mahastami, Maha Nawami, Dashain Festival
10 Oct Mon Maha Nawami, Dashain Festival
11 Oct Tue Bada Dashain Tika, Dashain Festival
12 Oct Wed Ekdashi, Dashain Festival
13 Oct Thu Dwadashai, Dashain Festival
15 Oct Sun Kojagrat Purnima
29 Oct Sat Kukur Tihar (Dog Festival)Tihar Festival
30 Oct Sun Laxmi Puja,Tihar Festival
31 Oct Mon Govardhan Puja, Tihar Festival
1 Nov Tue Bhai Tika, Tihar Festival
6 Nov Sun Chhat Parwa
13 Dec Tue Urdyauli Parwa / Mangshir Dhanya Purnima
25 Dec Sun Christmas Day
30 Dec Fri Tamu Lhosar

 List of Federal Public Holidays of USA in 2016

Day Date Year Holiday Comments
Friday January 01 2016 New Years Day
Monday January 18  2016 Martin Luther King Day 3rd Monday in January
Monday February 15  2016 Presidents Day 3rd Monday in February. Not all states
Friday April 15  2016 Emancipation Day Washington DC Only. Weekday closest to April 16th
Sunday May 08  2016 Mothers Day 2nd Sunday in May. Not a public holiday
Monday May 30  2016 Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Sunday June 19  2016 Fathers Day 3rd Sunday in June. Not a public holiday
Monday July 04 2016 Independence Day
Monday September 05  2016 Labor Day 1st Monday in September
Monday October 10  2016 Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October
Friday November 11 2016 Veterans Day
Thursday November 24  2016 Thanksgiving 4th Thursday in November
Friday November 25  2016 Day after Thanksgiving 4th Friday in November
Monday December 26  2016 Christmas Day (in lieu)