Oxygen Plants

Technical specification of Oxygen Concentrator with filling station and portable oxygen cylinders

S.N. Purchaser’s Specifications
Oxygen Concentrator with filling station and portable oxygen cylinders
Type / Model
Country of Origin
1 Description of Function
1.1 Oxygen concentratorproduces oxygen from ambient air. The high purity oxygen thus obtained can be delivered to the patient directly through nasal cannula or can be filled into the cylinders for portable use via oxygen filling compressor.
2 Operational Requirements
2.1 Oxygen Concentrator with oxygen cylinders filling compressor and oxygen cylinders complete set.
3 System Configuration
3.1 Oxygen Concentrator with oxygen cylinders filling compressor and oxygen cylinders complete set.
4 Technical Specifications
I Oxygen Concentrator
4.1 Output flow: 9LPM
4.2 Flow meter range: 1 to 9 L/min
4.3 Output pressure: Approx. 60kPa.
4.4 Should have high oxygen purity 87-96% across all flow rates.
4.5 Should have at least three-step filtering of air-intake. Oxygen concentrator must be able to run with operating time 24hrs a day.
4.6 Continuous monitoring, with visual and audible alert on for the following:

·         Low output pressure

·         High output pressure

·         Low oxygen concentration

·         Power failure

4.7 Should have LED oxygen indicator for the following

·         Green LED: >82%

·         Yellow LED: >70%

·         Red LED: <70%

4.8 Should have integrated hour meter to check the usage of the machine.
4.9 Sound level produced: max 50dB(A).
4.10 Should have 4 antistatic swivel casters, 2 with brakes and with integrated handle to allow for easy moving and positioning.
4.11 Should be compatible with oxygen cylinders filling compressor and portable oxygen cylinders
II Oxygen cylinders filling compressor
4.12 Oxygen filling compressor, connection tubing and portable oxygen cylinders must have interlocking fill fitting.
4.13 Maximum cylinder fill pressure of 2000PSI
4.14 Filling system should be compatible with oxygen concentrators of different flow.

Bidders to specify the model number, flow rate of compatible oxygen concentrator.

4.15 Oxygen compressor should fill oxygen cylinders only when the oxygen concentration of the inlet gas is more than 90%
III Oxygen Cylinder
4.16 Oxygen cylinder should be with integrated conserver for delivering oxygen in both pulse mode as well as continuous mode
4.17 Should be flow cylinder with integrated flow meter and a regulator
4.17 Capacity :  Approx.50-420ltrs
5 Accessories, spares and consumables
5.1 Accessories:

·         2 x Adult cannula, with 2m tubing.

·         2 x Infant/Paediatric cannula, with 2m tubing.

·         3 x Connector for above.

·         2 x Humidifiers.

·         4 x 50′ tubing.

·         4 x tubing adapter kit.

·         3 x Spare inlet-filters.

·         3 x Spare bacterial-filters

·         Carrying bag for portable oxygen cylinder

·         Oxygen analyzer – 1Nos

·         Portable oxygen cylinder – different sizes


5.2 All standard accessories/consumables/parts required for the proper operation of the above item shall be included in the offer.  Bidders shall specify, in a separate Excel worksheet, the quantity and details of any items included in this offer which have not been specified in this Technical Specifications Form.
6 Operating Environment                          
6.1 The product offered shall be designed to be stored and to operate normally under the conditions of the purchaser’s country. The conditions include Climate, Temperature, Humidity, etc.
6.2 Power supply: 220-240VAC, 50Hz fitted with appropriate plug.  The power cable must be minimum 3 meters long.

Power consumption, approx.: 500 W.

7 Standards and Safety Requirements
7.1 Must submit ISO13485:2003/AC:2007 for Medical Devices AND
7.2 European CE (93/42 EEC Directives) and USFDA approved product certificate.
8 User Training
8.1 Must provide user training.
9 Warranty
9.1 Comprehensive warranty for 2years after acceptance.
10 Maintenance Service During Warranty Period
10.1 During warranty period supplier must ensure corrective/breakdown maintenance whenever required.
11 Installation and Commissioning
11.1 The supplier must accomplish proper installation and commissioning of equipment onsite.
12 Documentation
12.1 User (Operating) manual in English.
12.2 Service (Technical / Maintenance) manual in English.
12.3 List of important spare parts and accessories with their part number and costing.
12.4 Certificate of calibration and inspection from factory.