Updated COVID-19 Related Consular Notice June 29, 2021

All passengers travelling to Nepal are required to abide by the following COVID-19 health and quarantine protocols with immediate effect.

All passengers-

    1. must have medical certificate with a negative RT-PCR or equivalent testing (Gene Xpert/True NAAT) report issued by registered COVID-19 labs within 72 hours from the swab collection to the departure time of the flight. Minors below five years are exempted from the aforementioned test reports.
    2. must possess the printed receipt with barcode obtained after filling up CCMC International Travellers Arrival Form. Please visit HERE for the form.

Except exempted as per Clause (4) below, all passengers are subject to furnishing the evidence of hotel booking of 7 days for the purpose of quarantine on their own cost. For the list of approved hotels for quarantine, please visit the link HERE.

  1. Travellers categorized below with a negative antigen test, are subject to home quarantine of 10 days upon their arrival in Nepal:
    1. Individuals with a complete COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
    2. Individuals travelling for emergency purposes like for funerals and mourning (recommendation from concerned local level is required).
  • Incapacitated persons, chronic patients and their caretakers, and differently abled persons with recommendation from concerned hospitals. Senior citizen above 70 years, minors below 5 years and their parents, with regular observation from the local level.
  1. Government employees, security personnel, diplomats and their families returning to Nepal.
  1. All passengers staying in hotel and home quarantine are required to have RT-PCR tests on the 7th day and 11th day respectively of their arrival in Nepal.

Please visit the link below for details:


All passengers travelling to Nepal must abide by the “Order Related to the Management of International Travellers Arriving in Nepal, 2021”.

The Embassy strongly advises all passengers to read carefully and strictly follow the above guidelines in order to avoid any hassles that may arise during the travel.

The Embassy continues to provide its consular services in accordance to the following provisions:

1) Services by mail: In view of the current situation, the Embassy will continue to provide following consular services by post/mail until further notice: Visa, Travel Document, Attestation, NRN Card, Passport (for those who are already issued MRP).

2) In-person service by appointment only: Service seekers must visit the Embassy by making prior appointment for power of attorney, and passport live-enrollment (compulsory for the first time MRP applicants/those who currently hold handwritten passport).


Before visiting the Embassy for in-person consular services, or before forwarding application by post/mail, service-seekers are advised to first visit the Embassy website https://us.nepalembassy.gov.np/, carefully read and follow the instructions/information contained inside the menu ‘Consular Services’, and enroll/register themselves for all consular services, including passport and visa, in the Embassy website by filling out their application details in the link ‘Submit Your Details HEREbefore filling out relevant application forms.

Once application is received at the Embassy, depending on the completeness of the application, it may take minimum 4 – 5 working days, or more days, due to COVID-19 situation, for an application to be processed and documents to be posted through mail, except for passport applications. Since passports have to be printed in Nepal, it takes at least two months for the passports to be delivered to the applicants. However, it may take longer to receive the documents by the applicants depending on their location and the postal services they choose.

The Embassy strongly advises all service seekers to use email, rather than telephone to inquire about the consular services. All consular service related emails must be directed to the Embassy’s address:  consular@nepalembassyusa.org. Consular services related emails directed to other addresses may not be responded.